Let’s Work Together

Being a speaker, consultant, and writer has given me the opportunity to work with some great people in the education community. I cannot accept every invitation that I receive, but I do give serious consideration to all invitations. If you are interested in having me speak at your school or conference or are interested in consulting services please contact me through the email link below, or my cell number.

Services I offer:

  • Workshops for your faculty: My workshops are interactive and fun. They are an excellent way to immerse your faculty at all levels in learning best practices for student-driven learning. Choose from the following list of topics or we can work together to develop a customized professional learning plan for your school or district.
    • Creating or Revamping Leadership Plans
    • Best Practices in Blended Learning
    • Transitioning to Student-Driven Learning
    • Leading Change Initiatives: Developing a strategic roadmap for sustainable change
    • Developing Instructional Coaching Frameworks
    • GSuite for beginners or next steps
      • Using Google Apps, Extensions and Add-ons
    • Intro to Office 365
    • Moving from Digital Native to Digital Citizen
    • The Power of Genius Hour
    • Flipping Staff Meetings
    • Creating Engaging and Effective Professional Development
    • Developing a Powerful Professional Learning Network
  • Consulting Services: While I love both attending and delivering workshops, I’m a firm believer that the best professional learning is ongoing. I will work with your leadership team to develop a customed Professional Learning Plan that can include leadership and support services at every level. Some services I have offered in the past include one-on-one coaching with classroom teachers throughout a school year to lead them through transitioning from a more traditional classroom to student-driven teaching and learning. I have worked with district technology and instructional coaches to help build capacity at the building and district level. I have led leadership teams through discovery sessions to dig into the procedures and protocols in place or in need at the building and district level. I have supported districts by working with teachers through their learning management systems, as well, to provide coaching virtually. We can design a plan together to best meet the needs of your teachers and administrators.
  • Keynote for your event: I love sharing my passion for education as a way to kick-off conferences and get people excited about the opportunities in front of them every day. I especially enjoy sharing my love for effective technology integration and relational leadership. Feel free to peruse my blog posts to find other areas of education that I love to share.
  • Virtual Learning Sessions: This is a cost effective way to have me work with your faculty. We can schedule session using a video conferencing site at times that are flexible and convenient for your faculty to participate. These sessions can also be recorded for those members of your faculty who cannot attend live. Topics can include those mentioned above, book studies, or more. Let’s talk to explore the options.

Janelle McLaughlin, CEO and Principal Consultant

Email: info@innovativeeducationsolutions.net

Cell: 260.306.1168